"I have never seen a magician up close before and was really amazed with Steve - I can't even begin to work out how he did what he did. It was brilliant!"

Steve Gunby after being bamboozled at a works BBQ I was entertaining at.

I've been doing magic for as long as I can remember. From that first magic set at a very young age I was hooked. As I grew older I began looking in the local libraries for books on card tricks and when a Magic Shop opened up not far from me I thought I was in heaven! Many years, and a lot of practice later, I auditioned and joined the Newcastle Magic Circle in 2003, which in turn lead me to many more outlets for new magic and opened many doors for performing too. Now I'm comfortable doing close up at a wedding or in a restaurant going table to table, or indeed on a big stage with several hundred eyes all watching my every move as I try to perform the impossible, read minds or influence choices. It's great fun and something I never tire of.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.